GreenWizard’s Collaboration Offering Signals Increased Movement to the Cloud

February 21, 2012 · by Duane Craig · Cloud Computing News

It appears more and more firms are moving their project collaboration efforts to the cloud as evidenced by GreenWizard’s growth. The company announced that its cloud-based collaboration offering is handling projects valued at $8.75 billion in total. The company says it has added more than $800 million in just the last four weeks. Besides demonstrating the movement to the cloud, that number may also point to the continuing upbeat economic outlook of the construction sector.

Collaboration is one of the first business processes many construction, architecture and engineering companies try out in the cloud. GreenWizard is described by the company as a comprehensive product management software and project collaboration provider. It enables companies in the design and construction businesses to manage products and project data, collaborate on projects, assess LEED design and construction credits, integrate with LEED Online, and archive projects. The company says these tools simplify the process of building healthy, sustainable and efficient construction projects. Building owners, architects, engineers and contractors can use GreenWizard’s WORKflow(R) Pro solution at any phase of a building project.

Adam Bernholz, GreenWizard’s founder and CEO said:

GreenWizard is widely regarded in the construction sector as the leading product management and LEED credit modeling tool. Now, with so much project value running through our system, manufacturers and suppliers are increasingly recognizing GreenWizard’s unique capability to serve as a dynamic, data-driven, persistent product marketing tool.

These kinds of cloud tools also offer opportunities for manufacturers who are eager to influence product specifiers at the point of product specification or point of purchase.

2 Responses to “GreenWizard’s Collaboration Offering Signals Increased Movement to the Cloud”

  1. Those are big, big numbers to be keeping airborne in a cloud! Very impressive figures.

    Luke Winter
    Community Manager

  2. It’s been interesting to watch both businesses and the modern consumer switch to cloud based computing. But I’m curious, are businesses finding it easier to create their own cloud or is there a business in providing a cloud for construction and engineering companies?